AIRSTEP Spk Edition


<h3>I have a noticeable lag in switching channels, what should I do?</h3> <p><a href=""></a> Video tutorial.</p> <p>PLEASE IGNORE THIS TUTORIAL IF YOU HAVE NO LAG ISSUE IN SWITCHING CHANNELS OF SPARK.</p> <p>IT'S NOT A COMMON ISSUE SO MOST PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO DO THIS. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR HARDWARE PRESETS TO YOUR SMART DEVICE IN ADVANCE IF YOU NEED TO DO THIS FACTORY PRESET. WE DON'T RESPONSIBLE FOR IT IF YOU FORGET TO BACKUP AND LOSE YOUR PRESET : )</p> <p>Spark Amp may have a switching-latency issue itself after too many connect times with either Spark App or AIRSTEP Spk Edition. If you find there is a very noticeable lag when you switch channels of the Spark Amp, Factory Reset will solve this problem. If there is no lag, please ignore this tutorial. Again: Please backup your hardware presets to your smart device before doing this.</p> <p>Steps:</p> <ol> <li>Turn the device off.</li> <li>Press and hold the “TAP” button when turning on Spark Amp, release the TAP button when it starts to blink.</li> <li>Long-press the blinking &quot;TAP&quot; button until all four (1~4) LEDs blink once, then release the TAP button. <em>The TAP button needs to be released as soon as all four LEDs start to blink. </em>Short press the TAP button to abort factory reset.</li> <li>If &quot;TAP&quot; button is blinking and CH1 LED is on, the factory reset process is completed. *This process will reset all four presets stored on the hardware as well as Bluetooth pairing information. Forget device in Bluetooth settings before connecting again after factory reset.</li> </ol> <h3>It is said that if I use AIRSTEP Series to control Spark Amp, I can't use the Spark App, is it true?</h3> <p>NOT. You can still use all the audio-related functions on Spark App such as playing backing tracks or Jam through the Spark Amp, the only thing you cannot do is editing presets of Spark Amp while using AIRSTEP Series. Spark Amp has two different Bluetooth tunnels, one is for preset editing and the other is for audio, which is named &quot;Spark 40 Audio&quot;. AIRSTEP Series only occupy the preset-editing tunnel, therefore nothing affecting audio-related functions. For more info about this please check AIRSTEP Series' product manual.</p> <p><img src="" alt="" /></p> <h3>How do I charge the AIRSTEP Series?</h3> <p>5V-9V are all acceptable. You can either use the USB charging cable in accessory or your 9V pedal power.</p> <h3>Can I use AIRSTEP Spk with all Spark models?</h3> <p>Absolutely! You can use AIRSTEP Spk with Spark 40, Spark MINI, and Spark Go. Just make sure to update the firmware to the latest version to ensure compatibility.</p> <h3>Can I edit my AIRSTEP Spk using the AIRSTEP Editor App?</h3> <p>Unfortunately, the AIRSTEP App is specifically designed for AIRSTEP/Lite and does not support the AIRSTEP Special Editions, including AIRSTEP Spk. </p> <h3>Can I use AIRSTEP Spk for other functions besides the Spark Amp?</h3> <p>No, AIRSTEP Spk Edition is specifically tailored to work with Spark 40, Spark Go, and Spark MINI. Its functionality is focused on these amps only.</p> <h3>Why doesn't Android have a looper?</h3> <p>Android's high system audio latency makes it challenging to develop a reliable and usable looper for the platform. As a result, there isn't a satisfactory 3rd looper App solution available for Android devices at the moment.</p> <h3>Why can't Android use the connecting same time function?</h3> <p>The Spark App on Android is designed in a way that does not currently support multi connections. However, you can try using the experimental mode as an alternative solution:</p> <p><a href=""><a href=""></a></a></p> <h3>Why I cannot use Jimi Hendrix Pack after connecting to the AIRSTEP Spk Edition?</h3> <p>Ensure to Upgrade to SPK V1.3 Firmware or Higher. The Spark 40 Amp requires purchase verification from the Spark App, so make sure to connect to the App each time the Spark Amp restarts to activate the Jimi Hendrix Pack, otherwise the effect won't work. To use AIRSTEP Spk Edition, disconnect the tone control connection between the Spark App and Spark Amp. For the J.H. Legendary Wah, simply long-press the &quot;DRIVE&quot; button.</p> <p>[<strong>Click to Back to Quick Start</strong>](<a href=""></a> &quot;Click to Back to Quick Start&quot;)</p>