AIRSTEP/AIRSTEP Lite firmware upgrade


Download the AIRSTEP Updater.




  1. Directly Control THR II Series(including THR10II/THR10IIW/THR30IIW/THR30IIA) WITHOUT THR Remote App.
  2. Parameter improvement of Bluetooth connection stability, which makes the connection between AIRSTEP and smart devices more stable.
  3. Minor Bug fix.


  1. Wireless control KATANA-AIR.
    Including Change Channel, Toggle Effect, Tap Tempo, Expression Pedal(Exclude AIRSTEP Lite, because Lite does not have expression pedal input).
  2. Wireless control WAZA-AIR.
    Including Change Channel, Toggle Effect, Tap Tempo, Expression Pedal(Exclude AIRSTEP Lite, because Lite does not have expression pedal input).
  3. Spark Amp Control Upgrade And Bug Fix.
    Add support of toggle on/off the new pedals in the Positive Grid Spark Amp’s 2.0.0 firmware update and fix Bluetooth audio interrupt issue when toggling Drive/Delay/Modulation of Spark Amp.
  4. Other Bug Fix.
    Fixed the bug that the Bluetooth connection might be interrupted unexpectedly in some cases.


  1. Wireless control the Spark amp, directly, without connecting to Spark APP.

    When AIRSTEP is running, it will automatically search for the nearby Spark amp and connect. After the connection is successful, the connection indicator will be in solid green.

  2. AIRSTEP can control the following parameters of the Spark amp:

    Switch to the next channel;
    Switch to the previous channel;
    Switch to a specific channel;
    Toggle On/Off DRIVE effect;
    Toggle On/Off MOD effect;
    Toggle On/Off DELAY effect;
    Toggle On/Off REVERB effect;

  3. Add the two-way communication function with Spark, so that AIRSTEP’S FS LEDs can display Spark Amp’s toggle effect’s on/off status.


  1. AIRSTEP can connect 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time.
    AIRSTEP can connect and control up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, or WIDI, etc. AIRSTEP uses the number of flashes of the Main LED to indicate the number of Bluetooth devices that currently connected.
    When using APP to edit AIRSTEP, there is no need to disconnect the connection with other Bluetooth devices.
    When controlling the computer via Bluetooth, there is no need to disconnect the connection with the tablet or mobile phone.
    And so on…

  2. Remove the “Bluetooth Pairing Assignment” function.
    Due to the realization of function 1, the function of switching the Bluetooth storage slots through the FUNC button + A/B/C is removed.


  1. Add “Bluetooth Pairing Assignment” function
    Description: Add 3 Bluetooth host storage slots, each storage slot can store different pairing information of the mobile phone, tablet, and computer. When the storage slot is switched, AIRSTEP can automatically switch to connect to a different Bluetooth host. Before pairing the Bluetooth host with AIRSTEP, please switch to the corresponding storage slot in advance. Press and hold the FUNC button + A/B/C footswitch to switch between 3 storage slots.
  2. Add “Current Preset Indicating” function
    Description: Through the LED of footswitch indicator, periodically indicating the current preset position of AIRSTEP. Press and hold A footswitch and turn on the power switch to enable or disable this function.
  3. Bug fix of Bluetooth HID
    Description: Fixed the bug of Bluetooth HID, and improved the stability of Bluetooth connection between AIRSTEP and Windows and Android devices. After the firmware is upgraded, Windows and Android devices need to be re-paired with AIRSTEP for this fix to take effect.
  4. Bug Fix of Bluetooth MIDI
    Description: Fixed the bug of Bluetooth MIDI, and improved the stability of Bluetooth connection between AIRSTEP and Android devices.
  5. Support WIDI and other similar devices.
    Description: The connection function with CME WIDI and other similar devices has been added. AIRSTEP can connect with WIDI via Bluetooth and communicate with each other. When the System LED of AIRSTEP/Lite is blinking and WIDI is in host mode, the connection is automatically established.
  6. Fixed the LED display error of AIRSTEP Lite in Combo mode.
    Description: When Lite is connected to AIRSTEP as the external footswitch, after switching the preset, Lite’s LED status is automatically reset to ensure correct indication.



  1. Press and hold the footswitch D of AIRSTEP Series, and turn on the power switch. When the second footswitch LED from the left is on, it means upgrade mode has been entered.


  1. Please allow the AIRSTEP Updater to use Bluetooth.
  2. Select the product model that needs to upgrade.
  3. Select “AIRSTEP” in “Device”.
  4. Select the firmware that needs to upgrade in “File”.
  5. Click “START UPDATE” to start the upgrade.


  1. The device list is empty?
    Please allow the app to use location permission and Bluetooth permission.

  2. Can’t find the AIRTSEP on the device list?
    a. Please press and hold the D footswitch then turn on the AIRSTEP.
    b. If you sew DfuXXXXX on the list, this happens when some earlier versions of AIRSTEP enter the upgrade mode, which is normal. Please select this DfuXXXXX to upgrade.

  3. Failed to load due to network problems?
    Click click to refresh the page, if it doesn’t work, restart the APP.