Brief Description
  • create or update or delete invoice data.
Request URL
  • https://6409627.restlets.api.netsuite.com/app/site/hosting/restlet.nl?script=652&deploy=1
Request Method
  • POST
Request Parameter Description
Parameter Required Type Description field level
operateType True String Operate type, value: create,update,delete 1
docNum True String The document number of the Transaction 1
documentType True String The document Type of the Transaction 1
date True String The Posting date of the Transaction,format of "2022/11/23" 1
dueDate False String The due date of the Transaction,format of "2022/11/23" 1
customer True String A customer who receives goods or services 1
employee False String The employees of the transaction 1
currency True String Currency of Transaction 1
exchangeRate True Number The exchange rate 1
account True String account of transaction 1
subsidiary True String Subsidiary,Default to:"徐工俄罗斯有限责任公司(新徐俄)" 1
department False String Department 1
fromLocation False String location of Transaction 1
associatedDoc False String The purchase order number associated with the bill 1
memo False String Memos for the transaction 1
saleConNum False String Sales Contract Number 1
vatInvoiceNum False String Vat Invoice No. 1
vatRate False String Vat rate;for example 20% 1
amount True Number The total amount of a transaction 1
lines True Array line property name
item True String Transaction goods or service 2
quantity True Number The quantity of goods in the bill or invoice 2
unit False String Unit 2
unitPrice True Number Unit price of goods or service 2
taxRate True String Tax rate;such as 20% 2
memo False String Transaction line memo 2
fromBin False String bin of transaction line 2
serialNumber False String batch/serial number,If there are multiple batches/serial numbers, separate them with commas,If itemType="vehicle" ,then this field is mandatory 2
itemType True String If the item is a whole machine, the field is "vehicle". If the item is a spare part, the field is "spare part". 2
    "docNum": "",
    "date": "2023/02/08",
    "dueDate": "",
    "customer": "КРАНМАШ СТРОЙ ООО с 2021",
    "employee": "Крюков Николай Николаевич",
    "account": "62.01",
    "subsidiary": "徐工俄罗斯有限责任公司(新徐俄)",
    "department": "отдел сервисного обслуживания",
    "fromLocation": "БП-000065",
    "memo": "",
    "lines": [{
        "item": "ZL50RU",
        "quantity": 1,
        "unit": "PCS",
        "unitPrice": 1000,
        "taxRate": "20%",
        "memo": "",
        "fromBin": "БП-000065-1",
        "serialNumber": "XUG0050GHLCB02231",
        "itemType": "vehicle"
Response Parameter Description
Parameter Type Description
success Boolean true:success,false:failed
message String errors message
data Array Data
Return Samples
    // Error
    "success": false,
    "message": "docNum must be filled!",
    "data": []
    // Success
        "success": true,
        "message": "",
        "data": [{
            "internalid" :3995