I. Arms:Eliminate statement and guarantee
The Arms:Eliminate absolutely respects the privacy and information of the user and will be closely protected. We explain and explain to the user as follows

  1. Information phone purpose
    Arms:Eliminate Collection User data is only used to assist with your purchase, service record, accumulated amount, information transfer, etc.

In order to better serve users, Arms:Eliminate may use cookies to store and track user-related data at certain times. These uses are limited to: commercial, market analysis, or academic use such as estimating traffic numbers, accounting user preferences, and so on. Cookies can be used by third parties. For example, advertising services require identifiable data, data, etc. as evaluation indicators and data, which are for analysis purposes only.

  1. Associated website
    Other website links we provide may have different declarations or usage rules, etc. Please be cautious and understand that this site does not protect the privacy of users on such websites.

  2. Changes to this statement
    This statement reserves the right to add or delete this Privacy Statement at any time. Any additions or deletions to this statement shall be made immediately upon the effective date of this statement.

Second, the user account use and custody

  1. According to the agreement of the mandatory clauses, Arms:Eliminate have the right to review whether the identity information provided by the user registration is true and effective, and should actively take reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the security and effectiveness of the user account; Users are obliged to keep their account and password and use their account and password correctly and securely. Any party that fails to do the above obligations causes damage to the account and password, and the account is stolen, and causes damage to the civil rights of the user and others, and shall bear legal responsibility.

  2. The user has the right and responsibility for the behavior of the account held after login.

  3. If the user finds that his account or password has been illegally used by others or has abnormal use, he/she should promptly notify Arms:Eliminate according to the processing method announced by Army War:Power, and have the right to notify ++ The ++++ game takes measures to suspend the login and use of this account.

  4. The game takes measures to suspend the login and use of the user account according to the user’s notification. The Arms:Eliminate should require the user to provide and verify the personal valid identity information consistent with the registered identity information.

4.1 If the game verifies that the personal valid identity information provided by the user is consistent with the registered identity information, it shall take timely measures to suspend the login and use of the user account.

4.2 The game violates the agreement of 4.1. If the measures are not taken in time to suspend the login and use of the user account, and therefore cause losses to the user, they shall bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

4.3 If the user does not provide his or her personal valid ID or the personal valid ID provided by the user is inconsistent with the registered identity information, the Arms:Eliminate has the right to reject the user’s request.

4.4 In order to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the user and provide the Arms:Eliminate with personal valid identity information consistent with the registered identity information, the Arms:Eliminate shall provide the user with the account registrant certificate and the original registration. Information and other necessary assistance and support, and provide relevant evidence information data to relevant administrative agencies and judicial organs as needed.

Third, the suspension and termination of services

  1. Users have illegal information, serious violations of social ethics, and other violations of the legal prohibition, Arms:Eliminate should immediately terminate the service to users.

  2. If the user performs an improper act when accepting the Arms:Eliminate service, the Arms:Eliminate has the right to terminate the service to the user. The specific circumstances of the improper conduct shall be expressly agreed in this Agreement or prohibited by the Army War:Power, which shall be terminated in advance. Otherwise, the Arms:Eliminate shall not be terminated. Provide services.

  3. The user provides false registration identity information or implements a violation of this agreement. Arms:Eliminate have the right to suspend all or part of the service to the user; Arms:Eliminate should be notified to the user by taking abort measures and inform the suspension period, the suspension period should be reasonable, the Arms:Eliminate should be resumed in time to resume the service to the user.

4.Arms:Eliminate in accordance with the provisions of this article to terminate or terminate the provision of some or all of the services to the user, Arms:Eliminate shall bear the burden of proof.

Fourth, user information protection

1.Arms:Eliminate require users to provide information about their personal identities. They should disclose their privacy protection policies and personal information utilization policies to users in a clear and easy way, and take necessary measures to protect them. User information.

  1. Without the user’s permission, Arms:Eliminate shall not provide, disclose or share personal identification information such as name, personal valid ID number, contact information, home address, etc. in the user registration data to any third party, but the following conditions Except: User or user guardian authorized Arms:Eliminate disclosure; relevant legal requirements Arms:Eliminate disclosure; judicial authority or administrative agency based on legal procedures required Arms:Eliminate provided; When a game is filed or arbitrated by a user in order to protect his or her legitimate rights and interests; the user’s personally identifiable information is provided at the legal request of the user’s guardian.

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