Disbursement Status Webhook/Callback

  • If there's an endpoint that can't be completed at the time of request, we'll notify you of the changes on the resource via webhook / callback.
  • The notification is done by sending a POST HTTP request to your server.
  • Your server should always return the required response (which is documented on each callback) to acknowledge the notification.
Webhook URL
  • notifyUrl in the merchant Disbursement request parameter
Request Type
  • [POST]
  • [content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8]
  • In RequestBody
Header Parameter
Name M/O/C Type Description
MerchantId Mandatory int Unique ID by Cashy
Sign Mandatory string Verify by Authentication
Sample Code API Response
    "orderStatus": "SUCCESS",
    "amount": 100.00,
    "fee": 0,
    "mchOrderNo": "M16xxxxxx",
    "merchantId": "100001",
    "orderNo": "PAYOUT82xxxxxxxxx",
    "completionTime": "2022-08-08 08:08:08",
Response Parameters
Name Type Description
merchantId int Merchant ID
mchOrderNo String(32) Send by merchant
orderNo String(32) Cashy Order No.
amount decimal(20,2) Amount to disburse
fee decimal(20,4) Fee
orderStatus String(32) PROCESSING、PAYING=Disbursement in process.</br>SUCCESS=Bank has confirmed transmission of funds.</br>FAIL=Disbursement failed because of failure msg</br>CANCEL=Rejected by Cashy
completionTime date Completion time</br>CMT+7 yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
resultDesc String(32) PAYMENT_SUSPECT_SURVEY=Suspect disburse inquiry.</br>PAYMENT_QUERY_FAIL=Failed disburse inquiry.</br> BANK_ACCOUNT_ERROR=Wrong bank account number. </br>BANK_ACCOUNT_CLOSE=Closed bank account.</br> BANK_REFUSE=Inquiry rejected by the vendor bank. </br>BANK_CLOSE=Inquiry vendor bank is down.</br> UNKNOWN_ERROR=Unknown error </br> SUCCESS=Success
Merchant receive response
  • Success returns the SUCCESS
  • All others are failed
  • Cashy will be Callback in1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512Minutes, total 10 times.