Payment Gateway

  • Calling the Create Payment Request API directly creates a corresponding Payment Method object automatically in the background.
Request URL
  • /api/payIn
Request Type
  • [POST]
  • [content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8]
Header Parameter
  • Reference  Request Standards
Request Parameters
Name M/O/C Type Example value Description
currency Mandatory String(32) IDR Only IDR
payType Mandatory Int 21 payType
amount Mandatory Decimal(20,2) 10000 Authorized amount of the transaction in the actual value in the provided currency.</br>Only supports positive integers.</br>Minimum Amount (IDR)=10,000
reusableStatus Mandatory Boolean false false=No support, true=Support</br>Onlyfalse
mchOrderNo Mandatory String(32) mchOrderNo1628381288000 The order No. in the merchant system, can not be repeatable
expireTime Mandatory Long 3600 Expiration time in seconds.</br>Default 3600
notifyUrl Mandatory String(250) Registered disbursement webhook URL, only http and https.</br>Only public IPs or domains are allowed</br>Details Payment Gateway Status Webhook/Callback
nonceStr Mandatory String(32) 1628381288000 Random Number
remark Mandatory String(32) Remark
realName Mandatory String(32) Jeck Name
goodsSubject Optional String(32) apple Product Title
goodsBody Optional String(32) red apple Product Description
phone Optional String(32) +6285812345678 Mobile number
email Optional String(32) Email
Sample Code API Response
    &quot;msg&quot;: &quot;SUCCESS&quot;,
    &quot;code&quot;: 200,
    &quot;data&quot;: {
        &quot;merchantId&quot;: &quot;100001&quot;,
        &quot;mchOrderNo&quot;: &quot;M1656908719283&quot;,
        &quot;orderNo&quot;: &quot;PAYIN8232154612109344768&quot;,
        &quot;payCode&quot;: &quot;646012000000015942&quot;,
        &quot;payUrl&quot;: null,
        &quot;amount&quot;: 100
Response Parameters
Name Type Description
merchantId Int Merchant ID
mchOrderNo String(32) Send by merchant
orderNo String(32) Cashy Order No.
amount Decimal(20,2) The amount of money paid by customer.
payCode String(32) The Virtual Account that was paid
payUrl String(250) QR Code, Only QRIS
payDeskUrl String(250) Paycode Show Page