Payment Gateway Status Webhook/Callback

  • If there’s an endpoint that can’t be completed at the time of request, we’ll notify you of the changes on the resource via webhook / callback.
  • The notification is done by sending a POST HTTP request to your server.
  • Your server should always return the required response (which is documented on each callback) to acknowledge the notification.
Webhook URL
  • notifyUrl in the merchant Payment Gateway request parameter
Request Type
  • [POST]
  • [content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8]
  • in RequestBody
Header Parameter
Name M/O/C Type Description
MerchantId Mandatory int Unique ID by Cashy
Sign Mandatory string Verify by Signature Authentication
Sample Code API Response
    "orderStatus": "SUCCESS",
    "amount": 100.00,
    "fee": 0,
    "mchOrderNo": "M16xxxxxx",
    "merchantId": "100001",
    "orderNo": "PAYOUT82xxxxxxxxx",
    "payType": "1",
    "payCode": "xxxxxxxxxx",
    "payUrl": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "orderNo": "PAYOUT82xxxxxxxxx",
    "completionTime": "2022-08-08 08:08:08"
Response Parameters
Name Type Description
merchantId int Merchant ID
mchOrderNo String(32) Send by merchant
orderNo String(32) Cashy Order No.
amount decimal(20,2) The amount of money paid by customer
fee decimal(20,4) The fee charged for this payment
payType String(32) payType
payCode String(32) The Virtual Account that was paid
payUrl String(32) The URL that was paid
orderStatus String(32) PROCESSING, PAYING=Payment in process</br>SUCCESS=Bank has confirmed transmission of funds</br>FAIL=Payment failed</br>CANCEL=Rejected by Cashy
completionTime date Completion timeCMT+7 yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
Merchant receive response
  • Success returns the SUCCESS
  • All others are failed
  • Cashy will be Callback in1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512Minutes, total 10 times.