AIRSTEP YT Edition User Manual

This is the official manual of how to use your AIRSTEP YT Edition.

  1. Make sure your THR-II Amp is in the latest firmware(1.42.0g). Before connecting AIRSTEP YT Edition and THR-II, please make sure that the connection between THR-II and THR Remote App has been disconnected.

    THR-II Firmware updater tutorial;

  2. Turn on the power switch of the AIRSTEP YT Edition, the connection indicator will blink blue. AIRSTEP YT Edition will automatically search and connect the THR-II nearby. If the connection with THR-II establishes, the connection indicator will be solid blue.
  3. Here’s the mode list:(the factory default mode is Mode 1), AIRSTEP YT Edition has 3 control modes in total.

Select Mode 1/Mode 2/Mode 3 via holding the A/B/C footswitch and turn on the power switch.


Mode 1 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5
Mode 2 Compressor Effect Echo Slot - Slot +
Mode 3 Compressor Effect Echo Reverb Slot +


Mode 1 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5
Mode 2 Compressor Chorus Delay Slot - Slot +
Mode 3 Compressor Chorus Delay Reverb Slot +

About THR-II App Limitation:

The THR Remote App can’t connect to the THR-II when AIRSTEP YT Edition is connected. If you want to edit presets, you just need to turn off the AIRSTEP YT Edition.

Also, AIRSTEP YT Edition cannot connect to the THR Remote App.

Current Channel Indicating:

In Mode 2&3, the Footswitch LED indicates the current slot via blinking in green color. FS A LED - FS E LED corresponds to Slot 1 - Slot 5. If you want to disable this function, hold Footswitch E and turn on the power switch.

Toggle Effects Indicating:

The Footswitch LED will indicate the on/off status of the effects via solid blue color/off.


Use the USB charging cable in the accessory or the 9v standard pedal power.

Upgrade Firmware Mode:

Hold FS D and turn on the power switch.